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Consistent branding and high-quality content are the cornerstones of effective social media marketing. Due to the fact that social media is a visual platform for your business, neither is feasible without competent design work. ProGenci can assist you since their price for social media design services is completely open, so you always know where your money is going. For additional information, continue reading, or complete the form for a precise quote.

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Explore our social media design services


As an add-on to our social media management or advertising plans, we offer our social media design services. View our pricing list below.


Services For Social Media Design That Set Your Brand Apart

Online, your customers are interacting with one another, exchanging thoughts, and discussing your business. Make a good first impression on them. You may replicate the look and feel of your website on all of your social media pages by using ProGenci’s social media design services.

ProGenci provides the following as a top social media advertising company:

1. Companies wishing to increase their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms can get custom social media design plans.

2. Skilled social media design services with meticulous attention to detail that satisfy your needs for your social media profile

3. Personalized social media profiles, sites, and apps that adhere to your website’s and your brand’s criteria


Utilize our social media design services to improve the appearance of your social media. As an add-on to our social media management or advertising plans, we provide social media design services.

As a consequence, you’ll have access to eye-catching designs that engage your audience, revenue-generating social media ad campaigns, and a staff of award-winning social media experts who can assist you in managing and optimizing every part of your campaign.


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Design Services for Social Media by ProGenci


One of the top social media marketing companies in the country, ProGenci is aware of the value of attractive Facebook Pages, Instagram profiles, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Company Pages, Pinterest profiles, and more. Our skilled social media designers can create something professional and attractive while adhering to your brand guidelines, whether you need a full profile with fresh cover and profile photographs or a specific graphic to represent yourself on a social networking site.

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What does the social media design by ProGenci cost?


Unlike many other design and social media marketing agencies, we are transparent about our prices. One of the most open media design firms is what we aspire to be. In this manner, you’ll be completely aware of what your plan offers.

As an add-on to our social media management or advertising plans, we offer our clients our social media design services. Below are our prices and deliverables.

74% of individuals use social media to research products before making a purchase.

Make it simple for them to decide by having a strong social media presence. Request a free proposal today to learn how your brand can advance.

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What services are provided for social media design?

For customers who choose one of the two plans in the table above, ProGenci, one of the top media design businesses in the business, currently provides the following social media design choices.

Designing your social media pages consistently with your branding


An active and responsive social media presence is a crucial component of a company’s overall marketing strategy in the digital age. On social media, users look for companies, and a busy page communicates engagement, dependability, and trust to a wide range of users.

It’s crucial for a business’ social media accounts to accurately represent its brand identity and demonstrate how users may join its community.

People are less inclined to engage with you and want to listen to what you have to say if your social media profiles don’t reflect the branding of your website and aren’t particularly active.

We adhere to the following guidelines for each bespoke social media graphic:

1. corresponding color scheme to the business’s webpage

2. Best practices for social media design

3. When necessary, text formatting that inspires participation or action

It’s critical that you advertise your social media profiles on your website so that visitors may be sure they are connecting with the correct accounts and that these symbols are prominently displayed.

Design of a profile


Through social media, customers choose to communicate with businesses. You may be sure to leave a lasting impression by designing a page that is visually appealing and includes a custom icon, header image, and other graphic components (such as custom images in tabs or applications).

Every time you host an event, recruit a worker, receive an honor, or secure a significant contract, we’ll assist you in keeping your profile up to date. It keeps your followers interested and engaged while also keeping your business at the top of their minds.

Story designs on Instagram


58% of consumers claim that after reading a brand’s Instagram story, they are now more interested in it. With the aid of our Instagram story designs, we’ll assist you in producing a number of captivating slides to feature in your tale and keep your brand at the front of your audience’s minds.

Design of a cover photo


Want a gorgeous cover image that conveys your brand? We have your back. Our social media design solutions also provide you a stunning, personalized cover photo so that your audience can instantly recognize your business when they visit your page.

Designs for individual posts


You need an appealing design that represents your business if you want your posts to stand out and capture the interest of your audience. You can accomplish it using the social design services provided by ProGenci. Our designers will work with you to create graphics that fit within your posts so you can make sure they generate the most interaction possible.

Personalized advertisement designs


Want your social media advertising to receive more interaction and conversions? We’ll create eye-catching ads that work with your advertising campaign to increase clicks, shares, and sales for your company.

GIF for social media


People like looking at, sharing, and discussing their favorite gifs. With the use of our social media design services, we’ll assist you in producing viral gifs that get people talking about and sharing your content.

Personalized social media video


Did you know that watching a video improves brand association by 139%? When you work with ProGenci, we’ll assist you in creating a unique video up to 30 seconds long that captivates viewers and gives them the opportunity to discover more about your goods or services.

Vertically oriented social video


People are watching and sharing their favorite short-form films on social networking sites like TikTok, which is growing in popularity. To share vertical movies up to 30 seconds long on your social media page, notably for Reels and TikTok, our social media designers will also assist you in creating social videos.


Specific designs for video thumbnails


Need designs for your YouTube channel’s video thumbnails? We can support you there. In order to inform your viewers about the subject of your video and entice them to watch, our designers can assist you in creating personalized video thumbnails.

Photos from Pinterest


Want to use Pinterest to market your business? You may use the engaging custom Pinterest photos included in our social media design designs to show off your company, goods, and services to your target market.



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New suggestions and special requests are welcome at ProGenci! To learn more about our other social design options and prices, just get in touch with one of our social media professionals using the form below. We’ll be pleased to put together a personalized quote for you.