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With the help of ProGenci’s local SEO services, increase revenue in 2023. With bespoke local SEO solutions that incorporate AI and machine learning insights, citation management, ROI tracking, and more, you’ll reach (and convert) more people in your service region. Inquire about your proposal right away to get a flight plan, cost, and approach.

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What do our local SEO services include?

With our revenue-generating local SEO services, you can fuel your company’s expansion by adding more team members and opening new locations. Whether you’re a small company with one location or a franchise with hundreds, ProGenci has the technology and talent to fulfill the demands of your sector and your company. Find out immediately what is included in our local SEO plans:

Citation management

With ProGenci, citation management may be automated, simple, and quick. Our integrated citation management tool allows you (or your personal ProGenci account manager) to rapidly update citations on the web, guaranteeing that consumers and search engines are viewing the most recent information about your company.

Our citation management software is compatible with over forty local listings, some of which are as follows:


  • Business Profile on Google
  • Bing.
  • Maps on Apple
  • Instagram
  • And more

P.S. ProGenci’s local SEO services also give you access to Google, Bing, and Facebook representatives, which makes it quick and simple to fix difficulties and learn about the newest capabilities.

Review management


Have opinions? Get ’em. Reviews can be used by your company using our local search engine optimization services to:

  • Gain the confidence of new website visitors.
  • Convince people to do an action, such as making a reservation or downloading a guide.
  • Lower client attrition and boost adherence

In what way? Our local search software enables your company to:


  • Put uplifting testimonials to your website automatically
  • Receive updates on new reviews.
  • Get alerts when there are new social interactions.

On-page local SEO

Full-funnel ROI tracking


With MarketingCloudFX, calculating return on investment (ROI) has never been simpler. You can:

Analyze return on investment (ROI) across various channels, listings, phone numbers, and URLs.
Make data-driven choices regarding the channels and tactics you want to invest in.
Connect the sales and marketing departments to share data automatically.
Plus extra!
MarketingCloudFX: What is it? The revenue acceleration platform has, on average, increased our clients’ marketing return on investment by 20%. And you know what? The only place you’ll find MarketingCloudFX is ProGenci because we developed the technology internally.

First-party data activation


Activate first-party data to boost the return on investment from local search. It’s simple to gather, store, and activate your first-party data—such as website visits, newsletter subscribers, previous and present clients, and more—with our local search services in addition to MarketingCloudFX.

Some examples of applications for first-party data are as follows:


  • Start specialized remarketing initiatives.
  • Customize visits to websites
  • Follow customer journeys
  • Send customised emails for outreach & more!

Looking for plans and pricing?

Get a preview of our local SEO service plans

Regardless of the quantity, every region is distinct, much like your company and our local SEO service packages. ProGenci specializes in creating unique plans, but it also provides pre-built plans for local search engine optimization. Our five plus years of expertise have shown us that the best results come from a plan that is customized to your business, goals, and industry. Find out more below:

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When your company partners with ProGenci, you:

Reclaim your workday


One of your many duties is local search, which implies long workdays and unfinished assignments. You can take back your workday with our local search SEO services. This translates into more time for projects, for coming up with ideas for the next great thing, and for increasing sales.

Accelerate your ROI


You’ll unlock a 40% higher ROI with ProGenci’s client-exclusive platform, MarketingCloudFX. Already, it’s helped our clients earn a 40% greater ROI (or more) through its first-party data activation toolkit, machine learning and AI power, and billions of data points.

Grow your bottom line

With the help of our local SEO optimization services, you may expand your service area and increase market share—two outcomes that are crucial for your organization. Our personalized local SEO plans have helped our clients earn over $1 million in income in just the last five years! To put things into perspective.

Streamline your strategy

You may coordinate and expedite your digital marketing efforts (including local search) with PopGenci’s staff of more than 500 specialists. We can create, implement, and oversee your omnichannel strategy, handling everything from content marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to local SEO and classic SEO.

How do ProGenci’s local SEO services drive revenue?

More than just traffic is what you want to drive with local search; you also want to drive sales. Because of this, we employ techniques in our local SEO services that provide the financial gains your company needs. Here’s how your committed ProGenci team will make local search a source of income for your business:

Scale your local SEO strategy

Plans give you access to a full-service digital marketing team with the expertise you need to create, carry out, oversee, and grow your SEO campaign.

The following members of your dedicated account manager’s internal team will be part of it:

  • Localized SEO specialists
  • experts in content
  • Copywriters
  • web designers
  • web developers
  • Business advisors

Having all the tools necessary for local SEO makes it simple to:

  • Post regionalized content
  • Control regional listings
  • Boost your on-page SEO
  • hone your approach
  • Overcome rivals
  • Increase the return on investment from local SEO.
  • Expand to alternative tactics, such as voice search engine optimization

The outcomes for our clients demonstrate the strength of our internal team:


  • Northside Towing had a more than 90% growth in organic traffic year over year.
  • In just six months, Merrimack Valley Psychology Associates’ income doubled.
  • Hurst Pediatric Dentistry experienced a 540% boost in leads from organic search

Focus your keyword targeting on high-converting keywords



While traffic is wonderful, does it generate income for your company?

Our local search engine optimization services at ProGenci are concentrated on focusing on keywords that convert or support the objectives of your company. MarketingCloudFX, our client-only solution, allows your company to track which local SEO interactions led to a sale, store visit, or lead.

Concentrating on the bottom line at companies such as Merrimack Valley Psychology Associates resulted in:

  • Revenue doubled in six months
  • bringing on six new teammates

ProGenci is the ideal partner if you want local SEO to have that kind of financial impact.

Activate your website’s first-party data


We have assisted our clients in increasing their marketing ROI by 40% (or more) with the use of first-party data. Because of this, we offer local SEO optimization services that assist your company in gathering and utilizing first-party data through email, social media, and paid advertising.

For instance, using the first-party data toolkit provided by MarketingCloudFX, you can:

  • Organize highly focused remarketing efforts.
  • Create email processes that nurture leads.
  • Give sales teams access to a complete lead journey in a comprehensive funnel.
  • And more

Best feature? The technology used by MarketingCloudFX is unique. Since we built it internally, you have an advantage over your rivals who are working with a different agency. So bid the opposition farewell and welcome to the money. If you want to produce with local SEO, ProGenci is the ideal collaborator.

Sync your local SEO strategy with your overall strategy

Like the majority of businesses, yours is likely one that uses a variety of digital marketing techniques, such as digital advertising, content marketing, and local SEO, to increase sales. You may optimize your return on investment (ROI) by working with an agency like ProGenci that can coordinate your local SEO strategy with your overall plan.

As your partner, we’ll make sure that your local SEO strategy complements your overall efforts by offering:

  • committed group of specialists with expertise in business, digital marketing, and other fields
  • Comprehensive reporting that tracks the financial impact of each of your plans
  • supporting services to help you scale your digital marketing plan, as need
  • And more

Look through our case studies to learn what our clients have to say about our assistance with their complete marketing strategy.

Accelerate your revenue from local search with ProGenci’s local SEO solutions

From in-store visits that lead to purchases to phone calls that result in sales, ProGenci delivers local SEO solutions that grow your bottom line. With our customizable plans, industry-leading team, and proprietary tech, your company can expand its service area, revenue, and market share.

Get started today by requesting a custom proposal, which will provide your team with a flight plan, strategy, and pricing. If you’d like to chat now, give us a ring at +880 1902-158648 to speak with a strategist about your business and local SEO needs!