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What prevents your website from attracting (and profiting from) additional search traffic? With the help of ProGenci’s SEO audit services, you can get answers together with a plan of action or implementation. Request a personalized proposal or find out more about our website SEO audit services right away!

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What is included in our SEO audit services?

With the help of ProGenci’s 360-degree SEO audit services, you can attract more visitors, leads, and money. With our pre-packaged or custom plans, you’ll get a solution that assesses the advantages and disadvantages of your website, identifies the SEO problems that are affecting your rankings, and provides an SEO audit report with practical suggestions that our staff may execute for you (if you’d like).

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When your business joins forces with ProGenci, you:


Make your SEO turnkey

Forget transferring projects across departments and agencies. WithProGenci’s SEO audit services, which examine your off-page, on-page, and technical SEO, give your team a clear SEO report, and address your SEO issues (if needed), you’ll receive everything you need.


Accelerate your ROI

With our client-exclusive software stack, Marketing CloudFX, you can increase your SEO ROI by 40%. For our clients, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and countless data points have produced marketing ROI increases of 40% on average.


Make SEO a source of income

In order to increase sales, SEO is not just for show. In order to help you start generating income from search sooner, our SEO audit services prioritize recommendations based on impact.


Access experts on-demand

Instantly gain access to ProGenci’s more than five years of expertise. That experience goes beyond SEO and covers project management, customer service, and digital marketing, so your team will have a positive and effective experience.

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You have SEO problems, and identifying them takes a plan rather than just a checklist. At ProGenci, we place a high priority on developing unique programs for each customer, paying particular attention to your company’s objectives, timetable, and SEO problems to create a thorough SEO audit that identifies the problems affecting your site. Find out more about how our unique SEO audit strategies are created right away:

The on-page factors affecting your SEO


If no one ever visits your lovely website, what good is it? Many of our clients have stunning, interesting, and skillfully designed websites, yet they are unable to rank in search results, and they are baffled as to why. If a website is nice and offers a lot, why doesn’t it rank well?


In many cases, content is the problem in these circumstances.

This could indicate several URLs pointing to the same page (“duplicate content”), insufficient material on each page (“thin content”), or similar or absent title tags and meta descriptions.

ProGenci’s SEO auditing services will help you find these obstacles to on-page ranking and suggest the necessary adjustments. Finding and addressing these on-page issues can significantly, quickly, and favorably affect your rankings.

The off-page factors affecting your SEO


Off-page factors are additional elements that impact your organic search rankings. Since over 80% of search engines’ ranking algorithms are based on off-page elements, precise off-page analysis is vital. These criteria primarily concern links: how many links you have, what anchor text you use, and where you put them.

These off-page elements are difficult to manually determine, and they are invisible to the average site visitor. Thankfully, ProGencioffers a range of capabilities that make off-page comparison and analysis possible. These difficult-to-find elements will be recognized by ProGenci, which will then suggest a plan of action to assist you establish your online presence and improve your reputation.

The server files affecting your SEO

Search engines use a number of files on your server to determine how to access and index your material, including robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and.htaccess, to name a few. Making sure these files are optimized and configured correctly can have a significant effect on your rankings.


Distributed configuration files are contained in.htaccess files. You can define and implement configuration directives on your website with this file. With the help of this file, you may customize error pages, apply 301 redirects, and decide how people and search engines are redirected to particular pages on your website.



Web spiders cannot reach certain folders on your website unless you place a robots.txt file in the root of your website. It is imperative to adhere to a precise format when optimizing this particular file. This file is usually used for folders (such PDF files) that take away from the overall theme of your website or that lead to a page that is not accessible to robots.



Making, optimizing, and submitting a sitemap.xml file makes it easier for search engine spiders to go through your website. It also facilitates users’ ability to swiftly search your entire website for pertinent content. Every page on your website has a link and a brief description provided by this file, which also prioritizes each page and arranges them in a hierarchy from the most to the least significant.


Additional server configuration factors

Search engine traffic is also impacted by additional server parameters including precise HTTP headers, precise 404 error pages, and fast page loads. To guarantee successful outcomes, ProGenci will identify and decide how best to optimize these files for you.