E-commerce Marketing Services That Drive Sales

The e-commerce industry is cutthroat. A clever marketing plan is essential for online retailers who wish to succeed. Your business may build aggressive campaigns that encourage online orders, return customers, and revenue that fuels your growth with the help of ProGenci’s ecommerce marketing services.

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Grow your online orders with ecommerce marketing services

By utilizing ecommerce marketing, your business can achieve a variety of objectives, including increasing brand recognition, generating online sales, and opening brick-and-mortar locations. Using ecommerce marketing is easy because to the range of services we provide at ProGenci.

You can utilize a variety of services to expand your company, for instance:


  • Search engine optimization  (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Web development
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing
  • And more!

Have you started preparing your website for organic search yet? To speak with a knowledgeable strategist about enhancing your business’s search engine results and generating more money from them, get in touch with us online.

All of our ecommerce digital marketing services offer a professional account manager, a personalized plan, and regular reports to your team. More than 91% of our clients choose us as their long-term success partner in part because of our client-first philosophy.


To find out more about our ecommerce marketing services, contact us online right away! You can also call us at +880 1902-158648.


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ProGenci took a subject we didn’t know as much about as we’d like to and made it straightforward, effective, and even enjoyable. Our Internet marketer is persistent and knowledgeable when it comes to increasing the visibility of our websites for our devoted viewers and clients. We have complete faith in ProGenci and feel safe in their hands.

All the ecommerce marketing services you need in one place

We offer all the marketing services you require as a full-service e-commerce marketing company. With our ecommerce services, you can bid farewell to back-and-forth communication with many businesses and say hello to working with a single account manager and a skilled staff.

Now look through our e-commerce marketing services:


What are ecommerce marketing services?

Ecommerce marketing services increase your brand’s online visibility and website traffic so you may generate more online money. These techniques include SEO, PPC, social media, web design, and email marketing.

A few findings that support this claim are as follows:

  • A search engine is the starting point of 93% of internet actions.
  • Eighty percent of shoppers do their purchase research online.
  • 76% of Americans use online purchasing.
  • Online impulse purchases were made by 76% of American customers.
  • 69% of American customers made purchases online.
  • 64% of people find online shopping more convenient.

While people still go to brick-and-mortar stores, many rely on the Internet to find their next purchase — and they have choices. If your company wants to stand apart from competitors and capture these sales, you must make ecommerce marketing a part of your business strategy.

Even if you operate a physical location, in addition to your online store, ecommerce marketing is still a must-use strategy. Remember, 80% of shoppers do product research online. If you want those shoppers to find your business, you need to make it easy to find your company on the Internet.



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5 perks of marketing your business with ecommerce digital marketing services

You have two options when it comes to e-commerce marketing: you may handle things internally or work with a company like ProGenci that focuses on the field. You, your team, and your business can all benefit from outsourcing in a number of ways.

The following are five advantages of using e-commerce digital marketing services over in-house management:

1. Save time, stress, and money

Business owners, especially those running small- to medium-sized enterprises, quickly run into issues with internal management. It can be simple to overlook certain marketing channels when you have a smaller team and fewer resources.

You can address this issue by working with a skilled e-commerce marketing company like ProGenci.

You utilize that hour to discuss your monthly marketing report with your assigned ProGenci account manager rather than slogging through managing your social media, sponsored advertisements, and other marketing initiatives.

It is anxiety-free. It moves quickly. It’s satisfying.

You may observe the effects that digital marketing has on your e-commerce store (and demonstrate them to business decision-makers). You can also give your account manager comments and suggestions within a short period of time regarding your campaign.


After that, you can return to your larger internal initiatives without stress or fear.

With every client, we develop this type of confidence and trust.

We give you a dedicated account manager who will respond to your emails, follow up on your inquiries, and establish themselves as a valued partner. Our regular reports, meanwhile, give you a clear, understandable view of your efforts’ progress.


By putting the needs of the client first, you not only save time, hassle, and money, but you also get a partner with a client retention rate of over 91%. When you hire ProGenci, you are selecting a long-term partner, and this makes all the difference in your marketing strategy and outcomes.


2. Make use of industry-specific knowledge

Even if the e-commerce industry is flourishing, it might be challenging to locate an expert in e-commerce marketing. Giving your business a competitive edge through ecommerce marketing is crucial and makes all the difference.

A team that specializes in marketing companies just like yours is available to you when you invest in ProGenci’s ecommerce marketing services. in comparison to competing agencies

When your business partners with ProGenci, you instantly have access to this knowledge.

With ProGenci, you can engage a whole team rather than attempting to locate and hire an e-commerce marketing specialist. When compared to hiring and paying a full-time team member, this strategy frequently costs less. Additionally, you promote your business now rather than later.

The nicest thing about working with our business is that we specialize in specialist e-commerce marketing sectors that are particular to your industry. We offer experts in each field, so if your company sells jewelry, consulting services, or software, for instance.

Your business gains a lot from having access to industry-specific knowledge. Make the most of it!


3. Promote relevant website traffic

It seems sense that the majority of e-commerce marketing tactics concentrate on growing your website’s traffic. You want to increase website traffic since it will provide you access to more buyers and potential clients.

However, a lot of businesses only pay attention to the numbers.

This tactic undermines your goals and makes website traffic into a

Several tactics are needed to get worthwhile visitors to your website, including:


1.researching your audience’s issues and issues that they have

2.producing and developing your material, such as a blog post

3.making your content search engine-friendly

4.promoting your content through several channels, including social media and search

The entire process will be managed and led by your ProGenci staff. Additionally, we’ll make sure that your content supports your overall marketing objectives, such as enhancing brand recognition or increasing email subscriptions.

Your firm will benefit most from ecommerce marketing if you can attract targeted visitors to your website. Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding one of the most typical errors in digital marketing: emphasizing number over quality. Additionally, it will enable you to achieve a remarkable return on investment from online marketing.

4. Assess performance with no work.


Digital marketing makes tracking campaign performance easier than traditional marketing does.

It’s nearly impossible to measure the effectiveness and return of traditional marketing for the majority of firms. Customers rarely recall their initial point of contact with a business, which makes tracking conventional marketing strategies challenging.

It’s impossible to determine whether a newspaper article, radio commercial, or billboard influenced an internet purchase. That makes it challenging to demonstrate any ROI from traditional marketing. However, it’s simple to identify which channel generated which sales when using digital marketing.

The nicest thing is being able to watch how various channels, including paid and organic, interact with one another.

It’s impossible to determine whether a newspaper article, radio commercial, or billboard influenced an internet purchase. That makes it challenging to demonstrate any ROI from traditional marketing. However, it’s simple to identify which channel generated which sales when using digital marketing.

The nicest thing is being able to watch how various channels, including paid and organic, interact with one another.

For instance, by monitoring your digital marketing efforts, you may find that a customer initially found your company on Google but later converted and bought your goods as a result of your paid Facebook advertisement.

We ensure that you can track, measure, and monitor the effectiveness of your approach with our ecommerce digital marketing services. For instance, your assigned account manager will set up your Google Analytics account, connect it to your website, and create any goals that are necessary.

Additionally, we produce monthly reports that you and your staff can customize.

You may quickly and easily assess the effectiveness of your site with these reports. You may track your website’s progress toward accomplishing your objectives, such as making a set number of sales or reducing the proportion of shopping cart abandonment rates.


5. Use a variety of marketing methods

It’s difficult to use the existing marketing channels, like social, search, and paid, when you have little time or money. This situation leads to the ignoring of certain channels or the use of inferior channel strategies for many businesses.

You can utilize any channels you desire with ecommerce marketing services without compromising on quality.

How much do e-commerce marketing services cost?


Online company promotion is quite beneficial.

Concentrate on the indicators that matter most for the best return on investment (ROI). You can’t let vanity metrics consume you. Although these numbers are impressive, they don’t help you reach your financial objectives, such as raising your quarterly sales or annual revenue.


Our ecommerce marketing services concentrate on a few key KPIs, including these:

1. Measures the average amount of each order in terms of value.

2. Calculates the rate at which shopping carts are abandoned over the entire website.

3. Measures the conversion rate for all conversions, including sign-ups and transactions.

4. Cost per acquisition: Calculates the typical cost to bring in a new client.

Although ecommerce organizations frequently care about these data, the metrics you prioritize may be different. For instance, perhaps you don’t want to raise your average order value. Instead, your objective is to lower cart abandonment.

We care about knowing what your business hopes to achieve with ecommerce marketing.

At ProGenci, we work together with you to comprehend and learn about your objectives. This is significant when looking at and spending money on ecommerce marketing services. You want a partner who comprehends your objectives and makes use of them as the cornerstone for developing, directing, and expanding your strategy.


Why choose ProGenci for e-commerce marketing services?


We at ProGenci are a dependable option for small- to mid-sized e-commerce businesses. Why?

Several factors influence why businesses use our e-commerce marketing services, including:

1. Client satisfaction

2. Consistent outcomes

3. Client-centered strategy

4. Price transparency

5. Data-driven approaches

6. Leading-edge technology

7. Team with experience

What benefits would our e-commerce marketing services bring to your company?


You have objectives for your business, whether they are boosting online sales, reducing cart abandonment rates, or raising brand recognition. Our ecommerce marketing services at ProGenci are customized to your objectives, and we work with you to achieve them.

Discover how our e-commerce digital marketing services can benefit your company right away:


Increase your internet sales to help your business.


Our e-commerce marketing services are therefore focused on assisting your company in generating more online sales. Your ProGenci team may concentrate on raising your average order value, order volume, or other metrics depending on your goals.


We can employ a number of techniques to assist you in achieving your goal, such as:

1. Utilize SEO to get targeted traffic to your website

2. PPC, to bring users that are prepared to buy to your products

3. Email to entice returning and devoted customers to your website

These strategies will help your company start making more money and sales online.

increase brand recognition

Any company’s success depends heavily on its brand awareness.


Even if brand awareness doesn’t result in immediate sales, it does help with future sales, customer retention, and brand loyalty. Because of this, it makes sense to include brand awareness in your ecommerce marketing plan.


Our staff can employ a variety of techniques to raise awareness of your business, such as:


1. using social media to connect with and foster connections with potential users.

2. Email is a good tool for nurturing top- and middle-funnel leads.

3. Using content marketing to draw in potential customers from your target market.

Boost online traffic

In order to achieve your company’s fundamental objectives, including increasing revenue, website traffic is essential.

Our ecommerce marketing services are therefore concentrated on increasing both the quality and quantity of the visitors to your website. We won’t be content if your traffic grows. Instead, we want to attract more valuable and qualified users to your site.


We employ a number of methods to achieve this purpose, such as:


1. SEO, to use search engines like Google to target and reach valuable users.

2. PPC to draw customers seeking to purchase your product.

3. Marketing with content to attract visitors at the top of the sales funnel and influence them to buy.

Even while some of these strategies, such as SEO, can take months, they have long-term benefits. Techniques that produce immediate results, like PPC, can also benefit from strategies like SEO. Your company can increase the effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing with a well-coordinated marketing strategy.


Multi-channel marketing should be used.


A coordinated strategy across marketing channels enables your company to maximize the benefits (and return on investment) of digital marketing. We provide all the services required to start a multi-channel marketing campaign because we are a full-service firm.

The following are some instances of the tactics and resources we can advise you to use:

1. SEO, for online user discovery.

2. PPC, which reaches users through search, websites, applications, and other channels.

3. social, using social media to connect with users.

4. Email is used to contact users.


Your company may surpass rivals and take a higher market share with an integrated strategy to online marketing. These outcomes assist your business in boosting sales and growing its operations.

Get a custom ecommerce marketing package and start driving sales

Ecommerce marketing gives your company the resources it needs to develop and prosper.

We are prepared to help you market your online store if you are. We can assist your business in achieving its sales, revenue, and growth objectives with the help of our specialized ecommerce marketing packages, knowledgeable staff, and cutting-edge AI technology.


To start using our ecommerce marketing services, just get in touch with us online or by phone at +880 1902-158648